Double Jeopardy!!

Not only was this young Brown Pelican unable to fly because of the fishing line wrapped around his wing, but in his preoccupation with the non-working wing, he was also wandering around in the road leading to Fort DeSoto, and therefore at risk of being hit and killed by a car long before he could starve to death.

Fortunately we happened along and were able to steer him out of the road. David Westmark caught the pelican, covered his eyes with a jacket, and took one-handed photos, and Stephanie Cain used a mini-bolt cutter to cut the fish hook and the line wrapped around the wing.

A couple of fishermen came over to watch, and we were happy to hear them say that when pelicans start to hang out while they are fishing, they (the fishermen) move on to another area.

The pelican was very healthy and quite plump, and after a check to make sure there were no other hooks, he was released pointing toward the water, and he eagerly flew away. We hope he goes on to have a great life while studiously avoiding fishermen.