Blue Turtle Green Bird Society

Blue Turtle Green Bird Society (Blue Turtle Society or BTS) is an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit  environmental influence organization (EIO) seeking to strengthen the connection between humans and nature through science,  technology, and art.

Blue Turtle Society strives to influence individuals, organizations, and government to act in ways that recognize the absolute need to protect the natural world on which we depend and in which we find such beauty, wonder, and solace. BTS accomplishes this by:

performing boots-on-the-ground restoration and wildlife protection activities

identifying, creating, and connecting resources that everyday people can use to be good stewards of the environment and its non-human inhabitants

educating targeted audiences such as teachers, neighborhoods, politicians, and agencies about relevant,     contemporary conservation issues, trends, and solutions

engaging like-minded organizations to capitalize on synergistic collaborations.

Acknowledging that humans and animals share beaches, waterways, industrial areas, backyards – basically, this earth – is reflected in the Blue Turtle Society motto: